Building Placement on your Site Plot Plan


Before drawing the plot or site plan, some type of preliminary planning is involved, usually in the form of sketches. The designer will place a piece of onion skin paper over the existing site plan or survey and sketch several schemes for the lot and proposed structure. As he sketches he will take into account the following items:

Step 1. Make an outline sketch of the area surrounding the site, and indicate the follow­ing:

  1. Compass direction
  2. Direction of prevailing summer and winter winds
  3. Location of neighboring buildings
  4. Zoning and building restrictions which may affect the site
  5. Location of pleasant views with re­spect to the site

Step 2. On the outline sketch, indicate the proposed areas for the following:

  1. Play area for children (if applicable)
  2. Garage or parking and driveway area
  3. Refuse storage area
  4. Outdoor living area (if applicable)
  5. Flower garden area (if applicable)
  6. Laundry drying area (if applicable)

Step 3. Next arrange the building in rela­tion to public, service, and private areas. The shape of the structure should be ap­proximately rectanglar. No detailed shape is necessary at this point. When planning the arrangement of the building, make the most advantageous use of the site conditions.

  1. Observe the physical features of the site. Building placement on the higher area of a sloping lot is most desirable. (The site should be graded so there is a slight drop for ground water run­off.)
  2. Observe the tentative location of the structure with respect to the neigh­bor's view. The house should be lo­cated for privacy.
  3. Attractive views may determine the location of outdoor living areas.
  4. Private areas should be properly screened from public and service areas.

Virtually all of the foregoing points are applicable in determining the placement of any building regardless if a single or multiple family dwelling, office building, or light manufacturing plant.

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