the characteris tics of a good floor plan


The following questions are based on essential factors related to the characteris­tics of a good floor plan.

  1. Sketch a floor plan or copy one from some floor plan source. Check this plan for indoor and outdoor privacy. What can be modified on this plan to increase the privacy factor?
  2. What approximate percentage of floor area should be adequate for natural lighting and ventilation?
  3. State the advantages and disadvan­tages of placing a garage near the front of a lot. Would the lot shape, either long and shallow, or narrow and deep, have an effect on your analysis?
  4. Open planning is used in varying de­grees in many plans. What are some factors which might influence a deci­sion to use open planning?
  5. What are the possible methods by which a house could be expanded?
  6. Which are considered to be the es­sential rooms in a house?
  7. A house is to be built on a lot near the street. How would this influence the room arrangement?


  1. List the necessary storage facilities required by a family of four planning to build a three-bedroom home.
  2. Quickly sketch a plan of your home, including the street, compass direc­tion, adjacent topographic features, and neighboring houses. Check this sketch for all plan characteristics. How could this plan be improved?


  1. Assume a proposed house plan has been developed with all the features presented in this chapter. However, the kitchen window faces west. What remedy can you suggest without changing the kitchen plan?
  2. In the past, rooms were designed for a specific use. Today, rooms are de­signed for a number of uses. List the other uses for the following main rooms: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and garage.
  3. What are the agencies of circulation in a house?
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