Advertising your Brand with a Local Sign Company

Advertising your Brand with a Local Sign Company


Creative services books, also called
trade books, are volumes published with graphic artists' and designers' names and addresses and examples of their work. Illustrators and designers pay to advertise in them, with the costs ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the scope of the book and the size and type of ad. Generally, the cost to the artist is less in regional books than national ones, less for black-and-white reproduction than color.

The books are distributed to or purchased by art and creative directors who want access to a variety of illustrators and designers.
Some of the national creative services books are Adweek Portfolio, American Showcase, the Creative Black Book, and Madison Avenue Handbook. Regional books include the L.A. Workbook, RSVP, and the Chicago Creative Directory. Some are specific to illustrators; others to designers.
Because it's impossible to predict accurately the financial potential of assignments received from advertising in one of these books, think hard before you invest a large sum. The first assignment from a $5,000 color listing could pay back your investment; or the listing could produce not a single call.
Advertising your Brand with a Local Sign Company
Here are some points to help you make your decision:
You should be well established in your profession before spending this much money on marketing/self-promotion. You might spend on one listing as much as you would on your normal marketing activities for an en¬tire year. Be certain your budget justifies it.
You must have absolutely outstanding samples to include in your ad. You'll be one of many top graphic artists competing for a buyer's attention.
Know the audience for the book(s) you're considering. Contact the publishing firm to find out who uses the directory for Advertising your Brand with a Local Sign Company.
Some of these books cover only one city and its surrounding area; if you're outside the region, your chances of seeing a cash return from the ad are greatly reduced. There are too many local artists for the book's users to bother calling you. Even some of the national books focus pri-marily on major metropolitan cities, so be sure your location is working for you before you place an ad.
Compare rates. A few of the large urban areas support more than one book and these publications may be competitive in pricing.
Check on the additional services the publisher offers. Some supply the artist with free reprints of an ad; others charge. Some give access to mailing lists for your interest; others will do a promotional mailing for you. Some give no additional services.
Find out how the books are distributed to potential buyers for Advertising your Brand with a Local Sign Company
Some pubishers distribute books free; others require purchase. If the book must be bought, ask the publishing firm how many were sold during the previous year.
Buy or borrow the book(s) you're most interested in. Call some of the graphic artists who advertised and learn what results their ads brought.
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